NEWS: The NLP&DBpedia workshop proceedings will be published through Springer LNCS (together with the KeKi workshop)

Workshop at ISWC 2016.

The DBpedia community has experienced an immense increase in activity in the past years, both in usage of DBpedia as a knowledge base in numerous applications, as well as in research on improving the curation of DBpedia. In particular, it has been used both for NLP applications, as well as NLP has been applied to DBpedia as a means to improve the knowledge base. We believe that the time has come to explore the connection between DBpedia & Natural Language Processing (NLP) in a yet unprecedented depth.

DBpedia has a long-standing tradition to provide useful data as well as a commitment to reliable Semantic Web technologies and living best practices. With the rise of WikiData, DBpedia is step-by-step relieved from the tedious extraction of data from Wikipedia’s infoboxes and can shift its focus on new challenges such as extracting information from the unstructured article text as well as becoming a testing ground for multilingual NLP methods.

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